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1950’s: The Tingler (PG)

Sunday 1st Feb (2:45pm)

With special introduction and ‘live scares’

Famed for his outlandish theatrical tricks, Director William Castle created Percepto to accompany the original screenings of “The Tingler,” and this presentation will feature our own version of the gimmick.

A doctor (Vincent Price) discovers that fear generates the Tingler, a centipede-like parasite that quickly grows in the base of the human spine. The organism can kill its host if its grip is not released, which only a loud scream can accomplish. “The Tingler” manages to provide camp fun and macabre horror in equal measure, offering an unexpected LSD-trip scene, a memorable color sequence, a disgusting monster, and a gleeful streak of ghoulishness.

Historical background: With the decline of cinemagoing during the 1950’s, many of Norfolk’s cinemas were closing. The relative affluence, better housing, wider car ownership and growth of television in the 1950’s created more varied leisure alternatives to the cinema. Hollywood acknowledged the needs of younger audiences by providing films centred on young people, anti-heroes and that referenced the growth of fast food outlets, rock n roll and new leisure activities. Many cinema managers and film producers like William Castle or Les King and the Wymondham Regal in Norfolk tried unique ‘gimmicks’ to promote their films.


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