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Memories of The Regal, Dereham Road, by Margaret Ketteringham

“I was born in 1936, and in the forties, after the war, my brother and I were allowed to go to the Saturday morning pictures at The Regal on Dereham Road. I remember queuing up outside with lots of other boys and girls. I saw a lot of cowboy films! I always looked away when the Indians came from behind the rocks, you knew that they weren’t far away.

“Around the corner on Barn Road was a cockle stall and if you were lucky enough to have extra money you could buy a plate of cockles or a half slice of bread for a half-penny afterwards.

“My mother and I would go sometimes on a Wednesday evening to The Regal. We saw great films. I’ve always remembered Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. Loved those types of films. have never liked remakes!

“I am 78 now. Never go to the cinema but have such happy memories of those nights out with my Mum. We would buy chips at Dan’s Fish Shop nearby (he only did chips). We would eat them on the walk home and mine lasted until we reached Grant Street, near the cemetery where we lived. Oh, happy days!”


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