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Harleston Picture House by Gail McPhee

“Collecting for Dogs for the Blind.

Every Saturday matinee, all the children brought bags of silver foil. Some of which were made into huge balls. These were solemnly weighed and the two children who brought the heaviest bags got free seats. I believe my mother (who owned the cinema) and the children of Harleston raised enough for three or four guide dogs for the blind or ‘blind dogs’ as they were commonly known.”

Other memories:

“The false teeth we found after a Sunday performance that were never claimed, catching the children who tried to let their friends in at the fire door at the back, the local policeman who would come in for ‘troublemakers’ and stay to watch the whole film, two locals who were specially invited to see The Bridge On The River Kwai, as they had worked on the Burma Railway, walking out halfway through as they thought the film was unrealistic.

I am so pleased my mother and the cinema are remembered so fondly.”

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