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Flash Floods and Flea Pit Cinemas in Kings Lynn by Barbara Roberts

“Our nearest cinema was The Regent in Downham Market and The Pilot in Kings Lynn, and my late husband and I often went to them a lot . My husband was always interested in the war films, like ‘One of our Aircraft is Missing‘ etc and I liked the musicals, I saw ‘The Red Shoes‘ at The Pilot in Kings Lynn.

Pilot, John Kennedy Road, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

We were watching a film at Downham Market in 1953 when the flash floods came and the banks had burst and we had to go home as the floods were awful. We had a job getting furniture etc as all the people that had been flooded out had to get new furniture.

I can also remember my mum talking about The Electric in Downham Market, as she lived there and often talked about the Penny Flea Pits they called them.

We also had films in our village hall, a Mr Eggett used to screen them every saturdays and was very well attended. I would get through a lb of Cadburys chocolates and twenty Players Cigarettes!!”


Mrs Barbara J Roberts, 83, Wereham

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